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ORLANDO, Valérie

Conversations with Camus as foil, foe and fantasy in contemporary writing by Algerian authors of French expression

Titre du périodique ou du site internet : The Journal of North African Studies

Numéro : 20
ISSN : Routledge
Année : 2015
Langue : Anglais
Commentaires : Albert Camus's conflicted legacy in Algeria not only reveals his vague place in the annuals of Algerian history, but also offers authors a means to segue into other moral, humanist and postcolonial questions confronting Algeria's post-années noires (the Dark Years, also known as the Black Decade), the rarely discussed and psychologically troubling 1990s civil war period. Challenging how history has been documented in Algeria since 1962, contemporary authors, Kamel Daoud and Hamid Grine, use Camus as a metaphorical foil to expose topical and often delicate issues, as well as the murky choices made by political authorities and the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) following decolonisation. What would have happened if Camus had stayed, and if Algerian revolutionaries had thought more about his pensée méditerranée (Mediterranean thought, or ‘a Mediterranean way of thinking'), a concept that, although flawed, did promote a certain unique Mediterranean, multicultural way of being-in-the-world?
Numéro : 20