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In their front yard: deconstructing masculinities in Bahaa Trabelsi's novels

Titre du périodique ou du site internet : The Journal of North African Studies

Numéro : 20
ISSN : Routledge
Année : 2015
Commentaires : This paper reads Bahaa Trabelsi's three novels Une Femme Tout Simplement (Trabelsi, Bahaa. 1995. Une Femme Tout Simplement. Casablanca: Eddif.), Une Vie à Trois (Trabelsi, Bahaa. 2000. Une Vie à Trois. Casablanca: Eddif.) and Slim, les Femmes et la Mort (Trabelsi, Bahaa. 2004. Slim, les Femmes et la Mort … . Casablanca: Eddif.) and her collection of short stories Parlez-moi d'Amour (Trabelsi, Bahaa. 2014. Parlez-Moi d'Amour. Casablanca: La Croisée des Chemins.) as examples of a renewed feminine consciousness that subverts the patterns of Moroccan masculinity. Trabelsi positions herself as a unique writer whose interest in and critique of the male discourse puts her at odds with other contemporary female writers. Her novels explore complex identities, deconstructing the myth of masculinity where male characters are fragile victims of an oppressing social order that predetermines what it means to be a man. Her female characters, on the other hand, emerge as autonomous and powerful despite being oppressed by a patriarchal culture. With this fascinating feminist momentum, her stories offer a social therapy transcending moral values, where the boundaries fixed by religion, class, and gender are blurred in the name of difference and coexistence.
Numéro : 20