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HAYES, Jarrod
Marginal Sexualities in the Maghreb
Lieu : Chicago & London,
Éditeur : The University of Chicago Press,
Année : 2000
ISBN : 0-226-32106-1
Type : Essai
Langue : Anglais
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Table des matières:
Part One - Allegories of Reading the Maghreb. 1. Reading and Tourism: Sexual Approaches to the Maghreb. 2. Moha the Theory Machine
Part Two - Sex and Revolution. 3. Homosexuality (Un)veiled. 4. Skeletons in the Closet: Tahar Djaout's Betrayal of National Secrets. 5. In the Nation's Closets: Sexual Marginality and the Itinerary of National Identity. 6. Sex on Fire: Mohammed Dib and the Algerian Revolution. 7. The Haunted House of the Nation: Kateb Yacine's Nedjma
Part Three - The Feminist Menace. 8. Becoming a Woman: Tahar Ben Jelloun's Allegory of Gender. 9. Personalizing the Political, Politicizing the Personal: Assia Djebar's Feminist Rewriting of History. 10. Women Come Out into the Nation: Djebar's Allegory of Marriage. 11. Escaping the Identity Police: Leila Sebbar
Part Four - Allegories of the Queer Nation. 12. The Joy of Castration: Childhood Narratives and the Demise of Masculinity. 13. Allegories of the Queer Nation